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  • Are your serving boards food safe?
    Yes, all of our serving boards are finished with mineral spirits and cutting board conditioner, which are both food safe.
  • Can the serving boards be used as cutting boards.
    We don't recommend using the serving boards as cutting boards. Cutting on a board will scratch it and will dull your knives. Our boards are really meant to serve meats, cheeses, bread, fruits, vegetables, nuts. . . really anything. Load them up!
  • What woods do you work with?
    The woods we work with most frequently are walnut, maple, cherry and cedar. But we have a number of sources of wood and can source a variety of different woods. We've worked with zebra wood, canary wood, sassafras, butternut, sapele and others. If there is something you really want, we can probably find it.
  • What epoxy do you use?
    We use a variety of different epoxies, depending on specific needs and the depth of the pour. For our deep pours, we mostly use Super Clear Epoxy.
  • What finishing products do you use?
    It depends on the item and type of wear. For serving boards and beverage/flight boards that might come in contact with food and don't need protection from excessive wear, we use mineral oil and cutting board conditioner, which are both food safe. For tables and furniture items, depending on the customer needs and preferences, we use Odie's oil and Odie's wax, Rubio Monocoat or Osmo Poly X. Feel free to request a specific finish if you know what you want. Otherwise we will match the finish with your specific needs and taste. Sometimes we add an epoxy "flood coat" to the item for a very glossy and protected finish. Epoxy flood coats are completely food safe when fully cured.
  • How long does it take to create an item?
    Workload aside, it takes at least 3 days to cure any item. Planning, sourcing wood, planing, trimming, sanding and finishing can take another several days. That means most items take at least a week to produce, once they are started.
  • Can you personalize items?
    Yes, we have a laser engraver and can engrave the wood portion of almost any product, as well as glasses and mugs that come with flights and caddies. The personalization can include text or images. Use the Contact Us or Custom Order pages if you have something specific in mind.
  • Can you make more than one item?
    Yes, we can make more than one item of a similar wood and epoxy combination, but all wood slabs are unique and won't be exactly alike.
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